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Collective stories

Stories conceived for a group promote the cohesion of the various elements and
reveal new paths. A couple, a group of friends who get together to make a trip, work colleagues, a class, a group of people who get together in a formation, in everything in life there is the possibility of entering deep areas where we will find creative solutions and increase the evolutive potential. 

In families, it is possible to resolve blockages inherited from previous generations, foster harmonious relationships and create openness for prosperity. It is within the family that the greatest challenges arise, and I usually say that if we can make family relationships harmonious, then we can easily transport that harmony to the rest of the world. The family is our most challenging emotional laboratory. 

In companies, as the living organism they are, the processes are similar to that of an individual story, but amplified. The company is led to the right purpose, and in this way it opens up to prosperity.

In projects, the blockages are eliminated and the project is aligned with the life mission of the person or group. 

Here is an example of a story designed for a group/project:








Price upon request.


Come with me on a journey with stories! 🍄✨🌷✨🐉✨👑


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História Intuitiva

Um mergulho no teu mundo interno transforma-se numa História que te revela novos caminhos.

Com a atriz Alexandra Sedas, que já deu voz a muitas personagens nossas conhecidas, agora disponível para te dar voz a ti. 

Alexandra YSS 3.jpg

Pintura Intuitiva

Alexandre 02.jpg
Já imaginaste como seria puderes ver diariamente o teu mundo interno?
O Alexandre Fonseca tem o dom de se conectar intuitivamente aos "mundos invisíveis" de cada pessoa, e de lhes dar forma e cor numa tela. A Arte ao Serviço do teu Despertar.
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