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Earth Spirit

The online program Earth Spirit - the magic of plants, has the mission to help you in the Transition process, connecting you to the energy of the Earth.


The difficulties we are going through are related to our inability to be in the natural flow. Earth's energetic frequency is increasing, preparing for a time when the consciousness of all beings will vibrate at higher standards.

Imagine that this planet is a house, where a party will take place. Before the day of the event, the house has to be clean and tidy. You have to organize the food and the decoration of the space. Everything has to be prepared to receive the guests.


Following this analogy:

  • Home is planet Earth

  • The feast is the celebration of the New Consciousness (a Consciousness of love, cooperation, union, peace)

  • Cleaning is the elimination of negative vibrations (thoughts, emotions, unconscious patterns, karmic relationships)

  • Tidying is the restructuring of our values and our way of life (in alignment with our essence)

  • Food is the new food (food for the Soul, not just for the body)

  • The decor is the finishing touches

  • The guests are the new energetic frequencies that prepare to enter the Planet (in a way, we are ourselves, but living according to our Higher Self!)


As we are collectively preparing for this event, many of us are in a deep cleaning and restructuring phase. The result is that we feel full of anxiety, stress and tiredness. Life around us is chaotic. But isn't that normal when we're cleaning a House as vast as Earth?

The Earth is our Mother. No Mother leaves her children unprotected, does she?

Mother Earth makes trees, fruits and flowers available to us so that we can connect to our own higher energy and thus be equipped for this Transition process.

Lavender, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosmaninho, Coconut , among others, are available to work their magic.

I discovered that I can connect with the energy of plants through my voice, telling a story that induces meditative states. That's why I prepared the Earth Spirit program - the magic of plants  in which you will have the possibility to experience and integrate the cycles of Nature, to receive healing and transformation codes, to eliminate blockages and to attract love and abundance to your life.

You will also be able to learn valuable lessons that plants are trying to transmit to Humanity. Lessons in courage and resilience, lessons in love and cooperation.  

This program is for you if:


  • do you like stories

  • would you like to deepen the connection with plants and Mother Nature

  • you need to relax, unwind and connect internally

  • you want to free yourself from worries, anxiety or stress

  • you like experiences that lead to feelings of love, peace and gratitude

  • you want to raise your vibration, evolve and expand your consciousness

  • you have difficulty dealing with others and with the challenges in your life

  • do you want to connect to the flow of abundance 

  • would you like to live a more inspired, magical and fulfilling life

  • do you want to have the freedom to follow a program without schedules, at your own pace, in your own space?

What includes:


  • 12 mp3 recordings of Intuitive Storytelling, with the energy of each of the plants

  • The Blessing of the Earth - a meditation in connection with the planet

  • The Healing Garden - creation of your sacred space, where you can connect to any plant for healing processes

  • Lavender Shot for Sleep - a recording to induce peaceful sleep

Experience the intuitive connection to Vanilla here .

About the program:

The Earth Spirit program was initially conceived as a group program, but I am now making it available individually. Thus, you can purchase the program at any time, but remember that when you are immersed in the recordings, you will not be alone.

Some recordings can be purchased individually, but I recommend that you do the complete program so that you can enjoy all the benefits that plants, flowers and fruits have to offer you.

Value: €108

This program is included in The Power of Apple Mentorship .


Susana Rodrigues

Susana's meditations act as GUIDES OF THE SOUL, to paths where the pleasure of being goes hand in hand with the WISDOM OF BEING.

Rest to the Mind.

Thank you Susana for living and creating on purpose.

Sandra Balau

Susana Sousa is a wonderful intuitive storyteller whose stories lead us to meet our potential and be deeper. Listening to Susana's stories and meditations is  access a higher frequency, an energy of love.

Thank you Susana for your presence in my life.

Luísa Rosmaninho

Listening, and following Susana, is following the line of Light that leads us to a higher place.

Susana's voice invites us to socialize with the most INTIMATE of us, with the most BEAUTIFUL  of us.

Furthermore, it is as if she were a Fairy who takes our hand and takes us on a walk through the UNIVERSE!... And we have access to images, sensations, feelings, ideas... Which were unknown to us until then. , or forgotten by our Being.

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