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The Power of Color

Colors. From babies we begin to open our eyes and see the colors around us. We learn their names until they become part of us. They become commonplace and we don't even notice them anymore, nor do we think about them.
Until we see Alexandre's works. His paintings give us another view of colors. We can feel them, we can see them in their magic.
Alexandre's colors and their mysteries. Between the known and the unknown. Here, we embrace colors and light without fear. Here, where color comes from the heart.

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Intuitive Painting
Alexandre Fonseca has an intuitive gift that allows him to "read" people. The impressions he receives are transformed into colors and shapes that reveal the path and purpose of the Being that connects with him.
It is not a portrait of the body, but a portrait of the Soul.
By materializing the essence of each person in the form of a large format canvas, Alexandre offers the possibility of a daily connection that connects the person to his or her life path. Art becomes a vehicle for self-knowledge and revelation.
Accompanying the canvas, Alexandre sends an audio with the intuitive impressions he captures during the creative process.

"To create is to transform empty spaces into affective memories, and those memories cross eternity."

Alexandre Fonseca

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Who am I...
I'm Alexandre. I was born in Albufeira, in the sunny Algarve region in southern Portugal. When I was young, I was never interested in art or drawing classes, which I always ran away from at school. I used to think that those who couldn't draw couldn't paint either. 
As a teenager I thought that my path was the army, and I made a military career in Lisbon, as a Military Policeman. However, I soon realized that my path was not that of arms, but of the heart, and at the age of 20 I decided to leave Portugal to move my luggage and my life to Holland. 
I have lived in Rotterdam ever since, where I raised two beautiful daughters. Unexpectedly, my youngest daughter showed me the power of color, brushes, and canvas, and I was quickly and inevitably drawn into the world of painting and the fine arts.


"To speak about Alexandre Fonseca is to speak about a great painter, whose sensitivity touches us when we look at each of his canvases. I love abstract and Alexandre's abstract fills my heart. That is why I have already bought several works from him for myself and to offer. Everyone has been pleased with his canvases.
As a person he is honest, kind, and a friend who always honored his commitments. I can say that I have gained another friend in the art world."
Arnaldo Fialho


"A few years ago I had the privilege of getting to know Alexandre's artwork, and from the first look I was a fan!
I ended up acquiring my favorite, a painting that takes me back to my youth.
In every part of the painting I find a detail, a mix of colors, a shadow. My nostalgia finds in this painting the perfect journey to an era where I was so, but so happy!
I call it "Rua dos Arcos" because that's where I grew up and experienced all the emotions that this work by Alexandre makes me relive! 
I am a fan of his paintings!"
João Cruz
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