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Susana de Sousa
Founder of YourSelfStory. Intuitive Storyteller. Human Design Analyst certified by IHDS. 

I'm Susana and I grew up surrounded by stories and the ocean.
The world I saw beyond my bedroom window was populated by mysterious and powerful characters, who I found far more interesting than the reality around me.
When I grew up, I devoted my attention to Art: literature, cinema, theater, music, painting...
I'm deeply attracted toBeauty, Creativity, Harmony, Depth, Emotion, Talent and so many other magnificent values that the Human Being has the potential to share.
My worldly life has been interesting and varied, full of questions, frustrations and discoveries.
I studied Communication Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. I worked in television, cinema and theater, always in the area of production. I created films that I shared with friends and wrote books that were never published.
I took some courses (Mental Imagery, Emotional Liberation Techniques – EFT, DeRose Method, Human Design) linked to self-knowledge processes. I dived deep into myself, because I felt that I wasn't fulfilling my purpose and that I couldn't do it if I didn't knew myself in depth.
And I never left the enchanted universe of stories, in all its forms and themes.
I started paying attention to the other. I discovered that the fantastic world that I had seen since my childhood also existed within each of us, but so disguised and hidden that people seemed not to notice the incredible dimension they had inside them. I felt that I could help them to see themselves from the inside, because I already bring this experience that I developed with myself.
My sensitivity allows me to see and feel what is beyond the facade, what resides in the deeper levels of being.
I created the YourSELFStory project, where through personalized intuitive stories, mentoring and Human Design analysis I help people find meaning and purpose in their lives.

I use these tools as a way to access the deepest of each Being, with the purpose of expand consciousness, heal, raise energy vibration and reveal the beauty of being who we truly are.

I am entirely at the Service of the wonderful human species, because I believe in its light potential.

Curiosities about me

  • I'm in love with Mother Nature (you can see me hugging a tree or talking to the ocean)

  • I'm crazy about crystals, plants, animals and books (not necessarily in that order)

  • I love kids (and I think they consider me their age)

  • traveling is one of my great passions

  • I have a cat named Estrela (Actually, I think she's a dragon in disguise)

  • when I was a kid I fell into a cauldron full of chicken soup when I was chasing a cat and since that day I believe I gained superpowers (I just haven't figured out which ones yet) 

  • I am a Pure Generator of Sacral authority, profile 6/2 on the Cross of Individualism (I'm here to empower you to be who you are, bringing you into a cycle of discovering your purpose, in alignment with the flow of life). 

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