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Intuitive Story
Stories give meaning to existence. Not only do they allow us to convey essential facts in a light and creative way, but they create a whole structural order that allows us to fit in the greater meaning of things, giving us a sense of security.
Each of us has a story that allows us to access a source of meaning and inner light. 
In primitive tribes, it was essential to have an Initiation Ceremony to recover the Vision that opened the way to each person's life purpose. And today, how can we find our inner treasure, our magic, our Light?
Through the Intuitive Story.
The Intuitive Story is a personalized story that collects information from your unconscious world and brings to light what is most relevant to the moment you are living in. 
The story speaks of symbols and metaphors, for that is the language of the unconscious. It talks about emotions, because it is your living matter that is captured at the moment when the story is being built.
Our life is a reflection of our internal universe, our vibration, our energy. When we look within, we find what is blocking the correct flow of life. In this case, the unconscious mind itself offers a solution to the problem. At a deeper level, we can even find our life purpose.
What happens when I listen to a Your SELF Story recording?
  • self-knowledge is acquired
  • there's a feeling of looking into the mirror
  • blockages and negative emotions are eliminated
  • positive emotions are built 
  • behavioral patterns change
  • the quality of life improves
  • stress and anxiety are reduced
  • feel well-being and relaxation
  • self-esteem increases
  • A great connection with the Higher Self is created
  • Treasures are discovered that were hidden in the unconscious

Individual History

The Intuitive Story is done in an online session, where Alexandra will connect to your energy and observe your "invisible worlds", to bring to awareness what is most important to you right now.

After narrating the story, Alexandra helps you explore the symbolic meaning of the images and sensations that were described

Story for Couples

Love is a multidimensional path: not just physical, but a path in which souls intertwine and walk side by side in a very profound process of discovery. When we walk with someone special on the road of Love, the growth potential of both partners is immense. 
Everyday life does not always reflect this potential. There are many external factors that can hamper the flow of a relationship. Without realizing it, we move away from the essence of that Love.

However, when we open the portals of the soul, a new vision emerges, much purer, much clearer. 

For those who are in a relationship, the Intuitive Story for Couples aims to be a channel of Light for a more harmonious and beautiful life. 


In an online session, Alexandra will connect to the energy of the two partners, to bring to consciousness what is most important to the relationship at this moment.


After the narration of the story, Alexandra will help to explore the symbolic meaning of the images and sensations that were described.

Prerequisites: the presence of both partners in the session.

Value: 120 euros


Spiritual balm

"Living my story led by Alexandra was like a spiritual balm! Her voice leads through an experience, sensorial, felt and lived in a wonderful way. The way she brought to my consciousness the messages of what I experienced was absolutely pacifying and relaxing! I'd say I've seen myself in pretty much everything! Alexandra definitely has the gift!"⭐️  
José Leite

A fabulous gift

"Alexandra has a very accurate intuition !!! From the first contact you feel extreme dedication and care when she's  transmitting the information. We are transported to a universe of love. Everything she said turned out to be extremely accurate. I highly recommend her work and will return to her whenever I feel the need. She's wonderful!!"
Sonia Soprano,


"Alexandra, in the intuitive story she told me, was of extraordinary precision, revealing aspects of my past, aspects of my present, in a beautiful and symbolic language with glimpses of the future. So be it!"
Tomé Vieira
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