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The Change of 2027 in Human Design

Every 400 years, the cosmic background that influences mankind undergoes a change. Those who live in the periods when this background is replaced can really get a shock.

And guess what? You and I are experiencing this change!

Imagine that your life takes place on a stage. You are playing your role, serving tea to a group of actors while talking about family values. You feel safe, in a classical, orderly environment, where your dialogues fit together harmoniously.

Suddenly, you realize that the scenery has changed. You are now in a wild, natural landscape. Your voice seems empty there. What does the ritual of tea or the speech about family values matter when the wind rolls stones down a mountainside and streams sing about the freedom of being creative?

The new emotions that you feel speak of strangeness, uncertainty, and melancholy. All around you, everything is new and different. You are new and different. You no longer fit in. Where is the structure that supported you, that was so familiar to you?

Calm down... the change will not occur until 2027, although since 2020 the set design team has begun to dismantle the set. We are all feeling this turbulence, and many of us cannot understand its origin.

There is still time to prepare.

* Image from Jovian Archive

The Cross of Planning

According to Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design, for each cosmic cycle there are certain keys that open the locks located in the G Center (the energetic center of direction, love and identity). These are the keys to the Cross of the Vessel of Love and the Cross of the Sphinx. When the keys fit into the locks, a certain Program is activated.

On a more mystical level, we can think of it as a set of invisible orders dictated by the Divine. If we prefer a more mundane language, it is simply the difference between being inside a cooking show, a soap opera or a TV contest. Our way of being and living has to adapt. We can be ourselves on any show, but if we don't like to cook it will be a challenge to live on a cooking show.

The keys to the global cycle that began in 1615 are mostly tribal (supporting my group is key) and logical (finding patterns that make tomorrow safe).

For example, the key that opens the lock on the Way, a spiritual gate, is Family/Friendship (37), and the key that opens the lock on the Temple, a gate that embodies us in the body, is Aloneness/Deliverance (40). These two keys create a life force, the Channel of Community, which connects the Ego to the Solar Plexus and has great impact on how we experience the material plane.

This means that the focus of this cycle has been on family, work and community. The big theme of our lives has been studying to get a good job to support ourselves and eventually support a family. Collectively, structures have been created to support this evolution and we have been instilled with the notion that to be successful we must be part of something larger than ourselves (the design of a part searching the Whole).

Another tribal gate, the Duration/Continuity gate (32), emphasized the importance of having to be successful in material and communal terms, focusing on what can be transformed or maintained in the families and small groups to which we belong, to retain what brings us success.

The cycle also features three gates whose function is to logically refine our future in collective terms, collecting details so that we can focus on technical improvements. In these last 400 years, scientific advances have been prodigious.

The Cross of Planning has supported us in building community structures and helped us share technical knowledge. When this energy withdraws, what will happen?

* Image from Jovian Archive

The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

The new cycle is called: Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. Let's think about the mythical bird and its transformation process. The Phoenix is constantly in an alchemical process, but if it is "asleep," the constant transformations are an ordeal, because there is no consciousness involved.

This new cycle still features two tribal gates, but no logical ones. Only now the highlight goes to the individual gates: five gates, when in the previous cycle there was only one!

Since two of these individual keys form a life force, the Channel of Charisma (34-20), the energetic shift is going to be very intense.

The hannel of Charisma is one of the greatest forces of manifestation, because it connects the energy from the Sacral Center (through the raw power of gate 34) to the Throat Center, so that it can express itself in the now (gate 20). It is the "design where thoughts must become deeds".

All the energy in the chart wants to reach the Throat, the center of Manifestation, for that is where everything takes shape. It is said that things only exist when we name them. It is in the Throat Center that human potential is transformed into something concrete, and that the world is built (all the gates of this center are part of the Quarter of Civilization, where purpose is fulfilled through the movement of spirit into form).

With the Channel of Charisma, the energy of creation, the life force, reaches the Throat in a pulse. It is raw force wanting to express itself, either to say something impactful, or to build some aspect of civilization.

And with direct access to this energy, what will be the human being's tendency? Pure expression and action in the now. If this happens without each of us respecting our individual truth and timing, the results can be catastrophic: constant busyness, blind productivity, ungoverned power, a directionless missile.

Throughout this cycle, Melancholy will make itself felt more strongly. People who carry a lot of individuality in their chart are used to feeling bouts of Melancholy, but those who don't have a lot of individual activations will soon start feeling it and may not be prepared, mistaking it for depression. I explain how to deal with Melancholy in this article.

If we are going to live in a cycle marked by Individuality, it becomes urgent that we learn to deal with individual processes.

The great secret of the individuation process is this: we begin to feel love for ourselves. The word individuation could be replaced by the expression: "romance with yourself".

The Sixth line comes into play

When the keys turn, we will feel yet another significant change: the 1st Line withdraws and the 6th Line enters the scene. It is like being at the base of a mountain and the next moment being transported to the summit, without warning or preparation.

In the great cosmic cycles, each of the 6 lines of the hexagram dominates for about 68 years. Since the 1960s we have been under the dominance of the 1st Line , an energy that focuses on studying and discovering how things work, to acquire a solid foundation.

With the entrance of the 6 th Line, we will undergo a transition to a tripartite life model linked to the Saturn cycles (experimentation - detachment - role model), which will require us to live with authenticity. It is a visionary and wise line, about which little is known, since it is the only one that is not part of the hexagram.

This means that the way of functioning to which we are accustomed (studying and researching to acquire security being supported by groups and institutions) is going to be replaced by a way of living in which we simply have to be ourselves.

It sounds simple, but this is the great failing of humanity:

we don't know ourselves and we don't know how to live being ourselves, because we are conditioned, since we came into the world, to fit into what we are expected to be.

I say and repeat: self-knowledge is not a luxury, it is our greatest need.

At this time, when 2027 is just around the corner, those who don't know how to live in alignment with their essence run the risk of not surviving the changes.

A precious tip: learn to deal with Saturn. It is the planets that activate us, and Saturn has a fundamental role in relation to Line 6.

1st Line keywords: investigate, solid foundation, secure foundation, insecurity, introspection, empathy, find out how it works, authorities, study behavior, modesty, patience, chameleon.

6 th Line keywords: model, transition, optimism, leadership, administrator, peacemaker, compassion, objectivity, detachment, trust, vision, transpersonal, depth.

And still...

The replacement of the Cross of Planning with the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, and the comming of the 6th Line, are just some of the major changes that will occur in 2027.

According to Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design system, the other changes are:

- The Solar Plexus ceases to be a motor center and becomes a center of spiritual consciousness.

- A new species emerges: the Raves.

And we human beings, whose consciousness still has many steps to take, will have to learn to live in a totally new reality.

In the territory of individuality everything is unpredictable. Here change springs forth, and the New World that is coming is a world of such constant and profound change that it is not possible to conceive of it within the present parameters of knowledge.

The fabric of reality, the very fabric of the world, will change.

We are walking in the last threads of the known weave, and the whole New is being created with our vibratory patterns. That world is yet to be born, and it is so different from what we know that we will be surprised.

The cosmic keys will turn, but you have in you your own keys to enter the new cycle. Keys that allow you to be yourself, living a fascinating life, with full confidence and optimism.

I can help you discover your own keys and gain confidence in life, so that you have a clear vision about yourself and your path.

Learn more about my work here:

* the Mandala and the Rave Bodygraph are trademarks of Jovian Archive.


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