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The magic of  the Planets


In this Individual Mentoring we will go through the main planetary activations of your chart, to awaken your essence through the celestial bodies that activated you at the moment of your birth.


We will navigate through the mythology of these cosmic bodies that speak of our personal and collective history, and open a path to new dimensions within you.

I will use my intuitive ability to read your inner world to unlock the areas activated by each of the planets and reveal the potential you carry dormant, while offering you practical ways to apply the knowledge you will receive.


It is a return to the Source through the cosmic force of Light, where you will realize that the Magic of the Planets lives in you after all!


You can choose between two options:  The Magic of the Planets - Diamond Portal or The Magic of the Planets - Star Portal.


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The magic of the Planets

with Susana de Sousa


The magic of the Planets - Diamond Portal 



8 online sessions

If you feel the call, click the button and fill out your application:

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1 - The map of the journey

An insight into your energy system will pave the way for the journey. You will receive a journey map, as well as the keys to open your inner portals.

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4 - Elevation


Venus, the  Goddess of Love, and Mars, the Holy Warrior, will activate a magnetic and transforming force in you.

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 7 - Rebirth

Pluto and Chiron will initiate you into the mysterious depths of your Being, preparing you for a Rebirth.

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2 - Manifestation of Light 

Here we will awaken your solar glow and understand how you can embody the light of your essence. The Sun and Earth will attune you to your life purpose.

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5 - Blessings 

Jupiter and Saturn will show you how you can have structured and abundant growth, being true to your principles.


8 - The Path

Aligning with your life path helps you to move through any changes and... changes are coming.

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3 - The Temple and the Message

Let's look at the force that moves you and understand how you can convey your message. Moon and Mercury will attune you to a higher consciousness.

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6 - The magic

Uranus and Neptune will open you up to transcendence and magic, with bursts of Inspiration  and compassion.

The magic of the Planets - Star Portal 


In this extended version, we will spend more time on the energy of each planet, and navigate the cycles you are currently experiencing: the annual cycle (solar) and the Grand Cycle of your life phase (Saturn, Uranus, or Chiron).



13 online sessions

Extra session offered: Initiation (Chiron)

If you feel the call, click the button and fill out your application:

Logo Planetas-2.jpg

1 - The Map


An insight into your energy system will pave the way for the journey. In this first step, you will receive a journey map and the keys to open your internal portals. We also get to know each other and find the best approach for the upcoming journey.


4 - The Temple


Let's look at the force that moves you in life, a lunar space where your needs and emotional pain can sprout, but which we can transform into a Sacred Temple of spiritual awareness.


7 - The Warrior


Where do you react immaturely and explosively? Do you know how to use your warrior power? Here we will explore in your chart how to use force in a mature way, to achieve evolutionary transformation.


10 - Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is an experience that sometimes results from a shock, an explosive force that pushes us into the process of individuation. Something unpredictable can happen here...


13 - The Path


Where do you come from and where are you going? Who do you cross paths with on this earthly journey? Alignment with your life path helps you move through any changes and... changes are happening.


2 - The Light

How is your glow, your Light? Do you easily radiate your Light, in alignment with your life purpose? Or are you looking outside of yourself for that Light? Let's wake up the Sun in you and watch the magic happen.


5 - The Message


What is it that needs to be communicated?  The Messenger of the Gods will help you to open your conscience and purify your communication channels, so that your message can get through.


8 - Divine Faith


The great heavenly blessings are encoded in your genetic map and your personal laws written in stone must be respected and obbeyid. Here, we will appeal to the King of the Gods to expand your potential and open you to abundance.


11 - Ocean


Mist, music, beauty, illusion... The kingdoms of Neptune are the least captured (where is Nereus?), but this is where the potential for greater transcendence lies. Do we dive?


Offer: Initiation


Here you will find yourself facing the Initiator: Chiron. New portals of healing and spiritual elevation will open for you if you embrace the energy of this great Mentor who initiated heroes.


3 - Gaia' body

To bring your Light into the world, you need to root it in the Earth. In what way? You will receive the keys to this very unique and special process of yours, and we will activate the power of Mother Earth in your body.


6 - The Goddess 

What do you magnetize in your life? What do you value and appreciate? Here we will explore your core values and invoke the Goddess of Love to open you to the abundance and fullness of Oneness. 


9 - The Keeper


The guardian of Time and Karma does not forgive. He is the great Master, cold and objective. That's why it's so important to respect our essence. You will be able to cross the threshold with the necessary correction for your development. 


12 - Underworld


We have reached the depths, the place where your Truth is hidden. This is where the biggest transformation takes place. It is here that the Serpent sheds its old skin and is reborn, so that you can live a full and abundant life. 

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