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Planets in Human Design

Let's go back in time. There are still no images reproduced on screens or on sheets of paper, and what we see is what the natural world presents to us.

Knowledge is transmitted orally, and instinct still binds us intensely to all that is wild.

Behind us, the walls of the first cities rise up and we hear the soft murmur of the dawns of civilization, but we are fascinated looking up to the sky. Still without telescopes or space probes, we only have glimpses of the movement of the stars.

The Sun imposes itself, with its force sustaining life on Earth. The Moon follows soon after, with its mysterious cycles. There is a star that shines brightly and arouses love in the heart of Mankind, and thousands of tiny points of light, which seem to create intricate designs.

If the Sumerians were the first to map the movements of the stars, the Greeks were the ones who gave them the name we still use today. Those moving lights were "πλάνητες ἀστέρες" (planetes asteres: "wandering stars") or simply "πλανήτοι" (planētoi: "wandering").

Planets. Those that wander through the cosmos and enchant us with their movement. A word that has changed its meaning and that even today does not generate consensus (let Pluto say something about it!).

Early on, the human mind began to map these wonders, constructing a meaning that might have some relation to us. The first obvious thing is that these planets and stars are Gods.

The Gods

Symbolically, each star ou planet begins to be associated with a god, and their stories come to life in myths. Even today we associate Venus with the fiery stories of the Goddess of Love and Mars with the fury of battles. Jupiter is still the King of the Gods and it is from him that great blessings flow.

The physical planets are not disassociated from the mythological figures, and such figures are representations of aspects of the human psyche. Everything has always been connected.

"That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one [thing]. " Emerald Tablet

Today we know that neutrinos bring us the energy of the nucleus of stars and that this energy is impregnated by the energy of the planets in our solar system. This is how we are activated and how we carry this energy in our DNA.

In the modern world, this connection to the cosmos has been all but forgotten. We no longer live out the old myths and the old stories. We no longer travel great distances with Mercury or venture into the Underworld to visit Hades. We don't know the sweet taste of ambrosia, and we don't know that on a lost island are the trees with the golden apples.

This means that there are areas of our Being to which we have no conscious access. Dormant gifts and potentials, which live in our imagination and which some modern stories will activate. The enormous success of Star Wars, for example, is due to the fact that it evokes old myths (the difficult relationship between Jupiter and Saturn or Saturn and Uranus, for example) and allows us to relive them.

However, it is possible to recover the magic of the Planets and activate this relationship between ourselves and the cosmos. And Human Design, with its innovative energy system, the Bodygraph, allows us to do just that.

"Every planet makes contribution to the total being. (...) In Design, the definition is the "student," the undefined centers are the "school" and the planets are the "teachers." They each inform by their capacity to filter the neutrino stream and affect us directly in the altering of this information. Gods indeed. One does not have to be an astrologer to come to Human Design. On the contrary, though astrological knowledge is of great value, so much of its wisdom is accepted second-hand. In Design, through understanding the mechanics, one can experience the conditioning of the planets at a unique and personal level." Ra Uru Hu, The Black Book

The body of energy

Each planet in the sky has a correspondence with an activation in our particular energy system. It is the planets (Sun and Moon included in this definition, for convenience) that activate the Gates and allow us to create the flow of energy (the activated Channels and centers) that constitutes our Definition (the energy we broadcast, that we offer to the world).

Where there are no planets activating us is where we are receptive to what is coming from the outside, either from the people around us or the planets transiting the sky.

So, what is consistent in us will depend on the action of the planets that activate us, and what brings movement and learning to our lives will depend on the planets that activate the people we meet and the planets circulating in the sky at any given moment.

Teachers, yes, as Ra says. But much more than that.

In the chart above, Mercury and Neptune activate the Channel of Rhythm, the design of being in the flow. This channel only works fully when I surrender to the universal waters (Neptune's realm) and when I seek understanding (Mercury) in the logical patterns of existence. Writing or speaking (Mercury) about patterns (Logical circuitry) helps me channel the flow of the collective unconscious (Neptune) and share processes of transcendence with others. This activation allows me to channel the numinous through words (Mercury) and archetypal images (Neptune).

Another person with the same channel activated by other planets will have a different way of experiencing and sharing it.

The planets activated in each of us are the force that moves us. Realizing the role of each planet in each of our energy centers and circuits will bring us incredible understanding about who we are and how we are designed to act. And if we go deeper and connect to the mythology and energy of the planets, through inner transformation processes, we are able to enhance the planet's action, which is sometimes dormant due to lifelong constraints.

For example, I have my Sun activating the Root Center (Gate 39), in an individual circuit. When I connect to the Sun and activate my inner Sun, the expression of this gate gains warmth and brightness. I feel myself being empowered to provoke emotion in others, to help them be more authentic and discover the wonder of their unique spirit. My Sun acquires substance and fuel to transform through its creative individuality.

My connection to the archetypes

When we talk about the planet, when we contemplate its image or explore its mythology, the planet comes to us and begins to exert an influence on our lives.

My first visible connection with these numinous forces was when I participated in a class project for Philosophy in High School. We decided to make a movie about the Olympian gods: "In Search of Perfection".

The gods of antiquity discussed the role of mankind in the world, and asked whether men would ever be perfect. Two goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena, would have to travel to the future, to peek into what was happening on Earth and settle the dispute.

My deepest truth (Pluto) is the "Buddha state" (Gate 18.6), so I already felt the call to "see" (line 6) the future patterns of human perfection.

In the movie, I played the goddess Aphrodite and my best friend played the goddess Athena. She latter became a champion in combat sports. Athena, the goddess of war, exerted her influence masterfully.

I, unaware of the presence of Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty, asked my aunt's friend for help in choosing music for the film. The music was instrumental in building the emotional plot of this film (another Venus theme). He and I became great friends, and a few years later, this man became my life partner.

When I founded YourSelfStory, I chose as my motto the phrase, "discover the Beauty in you." Only now have I become aware of the clear influence of the Goddess of Love and Beauty on this project of mine. I even had a text on the site telling the story of a mirror (symbol of Aphrodite/Venus) that allowed one to see the hidden beauty within each being.

In life and in work, the goddess has always been with me. Whether it was the fact that I incarnated the character that enhanced this connection, or whether it was the already existing connection that led me to incarnate her, I cannot say. All I know is that I am grateful for the love that she has brought to me.

The film was very successful, and the following year we were invited to produce a sequel: "In Search of Perfection II". The goddesses were returning to Earth, this time to help solve men's problems (my Sun Gate, 39.6, is the "Troubleshooter").

What was happening, without my realizing it yet, was that I was bringing the power of the archetypes to solve practical life situations. These films already had a prophetic, healing, transformative character, although at the time I didn't even imagine that such a thing was possible.

If we know how to look, we will see that these archetypes are present in our lives, and that becoming aware of them can help them work with us and not against us.

After these two films, I produced and directed a few more, this time more focused on my personal world and not so much on the collective. Looking at them, I see themes that have been in my family's unconscious, and that through the films (ruled by Neptune) began to express themselves.

I never stopped being connected to the world of the gods, but I was unaware of my relationship with the energy of the planets, until about four years ago I received a call from Saturn. I was watching the series "The OA" when some images and sounds started to bring me thoughts about karma, time, responsibility. I remember thinking, "Saturn.... Why am I just thinking about Saturn-related themes?".

In the next scene, it was revealed that the images belonged to the planet Saturn, and I became aware that planets are living consciousness. Saturn (ruler of my astrological chart) was inviting me to go through the portal and start looking at other dimensions. It was also telling me to materialize this knowledge, to give it a form and a structure.

With the knowledge I already had about Human Design, my vision could deepen. It was time to bring these planets/gods into the real world, into the body, into matter.

Continuously connected to us by the flow of neutrinos, the planets are not distant objects, sailing through the firmament. They are part of us, because they are in our energy body.

As the archetype of Saturn is the Teacher, the Master, who brings us the responsibility to follow our individual path, I felt this call as a need for deep learning about the planets. Later on, some visions came to reinforce this need, and this is what I have been dedicating myself to in the last years.

It's Mercury's fault

About the same time I had this call from Saturn, the god Mercury also called me. I had gone to see the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", about Freddie Mercury, and took days and days listening to the Queen.

To my surprise, I felt the presence of the god Mercury. He was telling me:

- Let them catch us! Let's play!

Without really understanding what was being asked of me, I closed my eyes and became receptive. It was at that moment that my intuitive connection with the gods began. The first to reveal herself was Aphrodite.

What resulted from my dive into the universe of the gods was a program of intuitive connections that resembled inner journeys, with energetic activations and consciousness raising processes.

The mentoring

It was only after being energetically initiated by the gods that I began to work with the planets through the Human Design system.

This amazing logic system allowed me to anchor the energy through language (Mercury) in order to be able to awaken the gifts and potential that each planet has to offer.

After doing this process on myself, I received the call to create a space of exploration that would allow me to help others on this amazing journey. I started by creating a group mentorship, and am currently launching an individual mentorship:

Aphrodite continues to ask me to reveal the Beauty hidden in every Being, and I continue to answer the call.

*the Mandala and the Rave Bodygraph are trademarks of Jovian Archive

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