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Human Design
We are all different - this is the basis of Human Design.  By looking at the essential truth of each person, we can undo a series of paradigms and beliefs, some of which have a moral basis.
Most of us never have the opportunity to live what we are supposed to live, because we try hard to fit in what we think is right.  We want to be nice and live up to the expectations of others ... just to be loved.
But... does it work?
The Human Design system

Ra Uru Hu, the founder and messenger of the Human Design system, said: "do not believe a single thing that I say, try it for yourself". I've been experimenting since 2015 and it works for me! For the first time in my life, I do not resort to external Masters, to authorities outside myself. It is wonderful to find a system that frees me, that allows me to be who I am.

“There is truly magic in the world and it is not something that I would have ever believed. The magic is in who we are, embedded into our own marvelous bodies like a riche vein of gold just waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and tap into it's power, it is as if we are suddenly plugged in to life at last. Finally, we can live our greatness, in peace, in grace, in power, by living our design.” – Ra Uru Hu
Listen here what is, for me, Human Design:
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Human Design Readings

The first analysis of Human Design (Foundation Reading) forms the basis of the deconditioning work that the system proposes and is valid for a lifetime.
In this reading you will receive the most relevant information about yourself, which will allow you to discover how to make decisions being who you are. We will look at your dormant potential and at the areas that condition you and distract you from your life purpose.
In an online session (via Zoom), I will guide you through your map and help you to find who you truly are.
After the first analysis, you can still request a Solar Return, Partnership or Major Cycles analysis (Saturn, Uranus or Chiron).

Sessão de Alinhamento

Na Sessão de Alinhamento, faremos um mergulho na tua energia para obter compreensão sobre o teu momento atual. Nesta sessão, tu trazes os temas que gostarias de abordar e eu irei guiar-te na jornada de descondicionamento. 

Inclui uma meditação guiada com os arquétipos que forem mais relevantes para ti.

Solar Return

The Solar Return cycle happens whenever the Sun returns to the gate that is activated by our natal Sun. In other words: this is our anniversary, and it happens every year.
Whenever we start a new solar cycle we receive a set of activations, which we can read on a Solar Return map. So, every year we have a new story to explore, with its challenges and achievements. A story that, when lived well, activates our solar principle, which is nothing more than our Essence.
That's why I recommend that, after an Individual Analysis, you explore your Solar Return close to your birthday.

Partnership Analysis

We do not live alone and we are conditioned by the people we interact with. Partners, children, coworkers, are part of us the moment they enter our aura.
Partnership analysis helps us understand the dilemmas we face in our relationships and enables our consciousness to grow towards a more loving and wise vibration.
Requirements: both partners need to have completed the Individual Analysis

Large Cycles

Saturn Return (from 30 to 50)
What challenges is life offering in this phase of great learning and growth? Saturn is the Master planet and has specific plans for each of us. At age 30, the adventure begins.
This analysis is especially recommended for people with profile 6.
Uranus Opposition (from 40 to the end of life)
What challenges is life presenting in this phase of extreme change? This is the stage in which we need to discard what is not ours and embrace our true essence. Discovering who we are without the constraints of society is the big question that arises in this cycle.
Chiron Return (from 50 to the end of life)
After the age of 50, we live in the flowering phase. Until the end of life, this great cycle reveals positive conditioning, where we can finally have confidence in ourselves and live according to our truth. It is the cycle where there is the greatest potential for wisdom. Without continuity with the past, discovering the secrets of Chiron will help us reach the maximum potential for mastery and expansion of consciousness.

Get your free Human Design chart:

My mentorships are the best way to support you:

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The Golden Apple

journey of self-knowledge

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"Susana is a symbolic treasure, a magician that facilitates reaching the inner realms. I had the opportunity to have a Solar Return reading with her and it was a great pleasure to be able to listen to her through her simple, clear and not imposing look on my path.
I fully appreciate and recommend your work. Thank you, dear Susana. May the symbolic language continue to find us towards this new World that you share with us with such beauty and depth.
Susana Cristina, Bless
"I love to hear your recording of my solar return. And then your voice, I can't get enough of saying, it's de-li-cious !!!
And you have no idea, (you really don't;)) how certain your words are.
If one had any doubts about this tool - Human Design - with your reading one would be surrendered.
The analogies with astrology, with the Planets, they all made perfect sense to me. Seeing the materialization of the possibilities you speak of, in my daily life, has been magical, to say the least.
Hearing your solar return makes me more aware and more present in the now. Not in the sense of validating the message, but to take advantage of the opportunities that the universe has put in front of me with the ideas / invitations / people.
For me it is a guide that I consult frequently. A map that helps me to navigate these sometimes very rough seas that have appeared over here in 2021!;)
Fátima Damas

I loved it!

"I loved it! I really loved it, it felt so good.
The session resonated so deeply ... as if all my cells were clapping! After all, they were recognizing valuable information about my personality, my ways of acting and feeling, of interacting with others and the world, about my authority, my cycles ... so much! A very broad approach. I was able to validate aspects of myself, meet others and, above all, discover how to live more aligned and always with Susana's empathy, sympathy and melody!
Thank you very, very much! Your work is incredible and precious. "
Rute Cabrita, Family Constellations Facilitator
Without gods or gurus, mastery reveals itself only in one place: within you. The path was determined by the stars, but the journey is yours alone.


I teach self-love. I teach human beings that through this process, through the experiment, what you discover is that you can trust in your ability to navigate on this plane, that you can find within yourself a love that is very special.
Ra Uru Hu

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