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A Midsummer Night's Moon

The last New Moon spoke of our ability to govern ourselves and our tribes (The New Moon of Rulership). Through a process of trial and error, we were asked to adapt to the material conditions and difficulties that arise in processes of exclusion.

Did we take advantage of the last few weeks to assume ourselves as examples of authentic and true beings? Or do we continue to live in illusion?

On the 24th of June, the magical night of S. John, the Moon is at the G Center, assuming the role of a Model that perfectly expresses the norms through action, rather than through words.

Will we be hypocrites, telling others: “Do what I say, don't do what I do”? Or will we be able to assume our role honestly?

One of my favorite stories is Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I even adapted it to film, just to live within its magic.

This story takes place on the night of S. John, in an enchanted forest, and tells the confusion of two human couples with mismatched loves, Puck's spells, the Fairy Queen's passion for an actor with a donkey's head, among other strange adventures.

In this liminal world that is the enchanted forest, where suddenly the rules no longer make sense and everything becomes mysterious and weird, illusory behaviors are explored. Nothing is what it appears to be.

Titania, Queen of the Fairies, awakens from her sleep and falls in love with an actor with a donkey's head. Not really in love: Puck has bewitched her with the nectar of a magical flower.

Within each of us there may also be a Titania deceptively in love with a donkey. It's so hard to see reality for what it is. Who wants to look at the Crisis, the Darkening of the Light, and face the traumas that we carry in our cells?

What does this lunar transit tell us? It asks us to be objective in our analysis of aspects of our Self, exploring the extremes to find the weakest point.

Will we be in the right place, with the right people? Will we have the intuition and sensitivity to go in the right direction so that our True Essence can express itself? Will we be able to love what truly matters (ourselves)? Are we experiencing life to its fullest, knowing how to manage the emotional charge of the experiences and adventures we are driven to?

In the enchanted forest, the characters have a burning desire to feel, to love, to experience a new emotional adventure. But everything is confused, like in a dream.

Fortunately, at Full Moon something is revealed. The light falls on the muzzle of the donkey and Titania awakens from her illusion.

Likewise, we may find we don't like some aspect of us. That way, we'll be able to see what doesn't work and fix it. Eventually, we can be a role model for others, preventing them from making the same mistake.

What a joy to be able to offer a little optimistic wisdom to others! Even though the mistake has cost us some harsh sorrows.

Sun in gate 15

In the article about the Solstice (A modest and influent Solstice) I spoke of gate 15, the gate of the Extremes - Modesty, and of the love for Humanity.

This is the only gate that exists in all living forms, from human to cell. Ra Uru Hu tells us that

"it is the only universal gate and it is an extraordinary thing".

Gate 15 is part of the Channel of Rhythm, the design of being in the flow. When we are in the flow, everything happens effortlessly and life feels like magic.

I have that channel in my design and I know the difference between living a chaotic life or flowing at my own pace. Magical things happen when I allow myself to follow the rhythm of my True Self, and everything gets stuck in my life when I resist the flow of my essence.

To flow, I must follow my Sacral response. Odd situations happen when I don't follow it. I remember sitting in a movie theatre, looking at the blank screen, when I forced myself to go to the movies after receiving a negative response from my Sacral. The movie just didn't play, as if to teach me that life doesn't happen when I don't allow myself to be true.

When I respect the magnetism of this channel, life happens as if I was living in a fairy tale. I feel fully connected to the natural world and its patterns. Trees, stones, planets, and stars communicate with me with ease.

In this magical Full Moon, we can all feel the magnetism of the flow of life and connect to the improved patterns of existence, adjusting our energy to prevent wrong behavior, like the one that took me to a faulty movie theatre.

It's a good time to tune in to the natural world and its consciousness: with Gaia, with trees, with animals, with elementals, with Fairies.

“We find these beings from other worlds in many mythologies and tales, and their power is such that the designation “fairy tales” has come to encompass almost all stories, even when the fairies are not present.

They are beings of Nature and the elements: the nymphs, the nereids, the dryads; spirits that dwell in forests, rivers, caves, and oceans.

Shakespeare spoke to us of these people in “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, bringing the magic of Titania, Oberon, and Puck to popular art. Marion Zimmer Bradley wisely evoked them in her novel "The Mists of Avalon."

Many artists try to give them body and voice, as they bring life to a part of our soul that is vibrant, powerful, and extremely beautiful.

Fairies live beyond the visible and speak with the voice of the Goddess, filling us with dreams of distant lands, where flowers are always eternal.

These dreams may be born in that area of ​​our unconscious where the divine touches the human most closely." The Golden Apple

Channel of transitoriness

Following the inspiration of this lunar transit, let's add to Shakespeare's story.

We can imagine that while lovers run through the woods, Mercury and Neptune discuss in a clearing. The Messenger of the Gods complains to the King of the Seas:

- I've been stuck. I couldn't make progress in the last few days. Everything is overdue. I only meet resistance.

And Neptune, elusive, answers:

- Do not worry. There is always a way to turn situations around. Things move, even if you can't see it. But that the crisis hurts, oh, that... yeah... it hurts.

- I'll have to be more severe.

- It could be... but that brings even more resistance. We will have to investigate the origin of the crisis and know how to deal with it.

As this encounter unfolds, Mercury is restless. He wants change and progress at all costs. Neptune, older and more knowledgeable, tries to show him that the feeling of crisis will pass. Soon, the day will dawn and everything will be seen in a new light.

During this encounter, we humans receive the powerful energy from the Channel of Transitoriness. Strong emotions and the desire for new experiences can make us feel like the lovers lost in the woods: full of frustrated expectations, with fury and rage, victims of rapture and deep sadness.

But with Neptune we can't ask ourselves what we're going to take from the experience. We can't see the meaning. We can't understand anything.

Especially if we have the Solar Plexus undefined, or one of the gates of this channel activated (35 or 36), we will certainly feel some discomfort with the lived or unlived experiences. We may find ourselves in crisis and not see the way out.

The key: don't get into the wrong experiences! For this, we just need to follow our Strategy and Authority.

Key words of the 6th line: model, optimism, leadership, compassion, objectivity, aloofness, trust, vision, transpersonal, depth.

Do you know how to access your individual truth?

The journey through the Human Design system begins with a session that reveals the basis of what your essence is, offering you a formula that allows you to make the correct decisions for your True Self and access your inner truth.

That formula is your Strategy and Authority.

If you need help to know your energy map, enter the journey proposed by a visionary system that synthesizes great ancestral knowledge systems (I-Ching, Kabbalah, Chakras, Astrology) and modern sciences (Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, and Biochemistry) :

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