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Alexandra Sedas
Intuitive Storyteller. Actress. Reiki Master. Travel guide.

I'm Alexandra. I've been attracted by the Mysterious since my childhood. Having been raised in the center of Lisbon, when I spent the summer months in my country house I could unleash my imagination and creativity. In the yard, I looked for treasures and made up stories about what could be under the ground. I made a point of taking my friends on these mysterious trips, which sometimes took days, when no one slept well, thinking about what we would discover next.
Later, when I needed to define a professional path, I was undecided between Psychology, Tourism and Theatre. Theater chose me, but the other two paths never disappeared from my life.
I did theater in several companies (Teatro Aberto, Mário Viegas, Teatro Experimental de Cascais, Teatro Ibérico). I gave Theater and English classes to children and adults. 
I also worked in Television (my first project was storytelling), in series and soap operas (Morangos com Açúcar, Tudo por Amor, among others).
I taught several courses in companies (How to speak in public, Theater, Communication).
I travel from an early age and ended up studying Tourism. As I love languages, I have a deep connection with foreign countries and other cultures. 
And mainly I traveled... First, outside, getting to know other realities, aromas and flavors. From a tuk-tuk driver in Goa to a high school principal in Birmingham or a filmmaker in Argentina, people are what make me move.
At the moment I make internal journeys, guiding people to discover their individuality and helping them to live a  light and happy life.
With Intuitive Stories I help other explorers discover the magic in themselves and their lives. 
I lived in India for two years (Goa, Mumbai and Kerala) and took a course in Ayurvedic Massage, which I combine with the practice of Reiki.
My mission is to help other people understand that what seems gray and gloomy also has a luminous and happy side. I like to show that we can fearlessly dive into our interiority, because through a story the process is done lightly. As if we were a child again.
Curiosities about  me
  • I love cooking (and talking to food!)
  • I'm crazy about cats (Angel, Miu, Atena and Goa are my purring companions)
  • I love playing with children 
  • ​I am a Splenic Projector, with profile 6/2 in the Left Angle Cross of Clarion (I am here to creatively guide through my strong intuitive clarity those who come to me for essential information). 
  • in the voiceovers, I voiced Naruto, Po from the Teletubbies and Penny from Inspector Gadget​.​ 
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