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Alexandre Fonseca

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Alexandre Fonseca
Visual Artist. Intuitive Painter. 
Our hands destroy so many things, and art to me is the ability to put together the shards of things that are broken within ourselves.
I am Alexandre. I was born in Albufeira, in the sunny Algarve region in southern Portugal. When I was young, I was never interested in art or drawing classes, which I always ran away from in school. I used to think that those who couldn't draw couldn't paint either. 
As a teenager I thought that my path was the army, and I made a military career in Lisbon, as a Military Policeman. However, I soon realized that my path was not that of arms, but of the heart, and at the age of 20 I decided to leave Portugal to move my luggage and my life to Holland. 
I have lived in Rotterdam ever since, where I raised two beautiful daughters. Unexpectedly, my youngest daughter showed me the power of color, brushes and canvas, and I was quickly and inevitably drawn into the world of painting and fine arts. 
When I was 34 years old, I began to have a recurring dream in which the figure of Jesus Christ appeared telling me that at the age of 36 I would die. 
In fact, at 36 something in me died, but it was a symbolic death and a spiritual rebirth.
I began to search for answers to the meaning of existence, and my intuition was sharpening. New intuitive abilities were developing, with such intensity that I was frightened and began to ignore them.
In 2021, I returned to my homeland, where the sun, the sea, and love gave me new inspirations to share around the world.
At this stage in my life, I decided to choose love over fear, and to use intuition to help others find their way. 
With abstract art, I learn from myself and from colors. The colors help me to find myself and my soul.
In everything there is a bit of ART, we just have to figure out how to see it.
Often it is hidden, fragmented, disorganized and unassuming. The challenge is to discover, compose and order it. We must observe things from a different point of view. Looking at the world upside down can offer many creative ideas and awaken from what has been instilled in us.
There is no universal formula for creating a work of art. 
A work of art needs to connect. It needs to have some element of truth that resonates with the viewer. A good piece of art asks questions and teaches something we didn't know, or didn't know we knew.
An intuitive piece of art goes even deeper. It is a channel of communication between the unconscious and the conscious, between the Soul world and the material world.
Curiosities about me:
  • I love Art, color, and composing a canvas (and I love to impress through Art)
  • Nature is one of my greatest inspirations
  • I like to study myself and others (and mainly the way people interrelate)
  • I love children (the best way to feel the true and sincere love) 
  • I'm a Splenic Manifestor, 6/2 in the Left Angle Cross of Confrontation (I'm here to empower and support you to find your Life Purpose, by impacting you with my intuitive awareness).​
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