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A modest and influent Solstice

Throughout the year, the Sun travels through the 64 gates of the mandala, activating specific energies that we recognize cyclically. Do you know that feeling of vibrant rhythm and love of diversity that is felt on the Summer Solstice (June 21st)? It's the Sun at gate 15.

Gate 15 - Modesty - Extremes

The quality of behavior that expresses the proper balance between extremes.

According to the I-Ching, the image of this gate is Earth over Mountain. The extreme of the Mountain (too high) is balanced by placing the Earth on top, and that is Modesty.

For the Druids, who have celebrated this moment since time immemorial, the “Alban Hefin” (Summer Solstice) is a time of frontier, margin, interval. Gate 15 speaks of extremes, and the wise know that it is necessary to learn how to navigate between extremes to reach a lasting peace.

Gate 15 is also the gate of Love for Humanity. Knowing how to accept diversity and extremes, with true compassion, allows us to reach a civilised, harmonious, and comfortable place.

Opinions, beliefs, and behaviors that we cannot understand and accept, cause us to swing to one of the extremes and become crystallized in it.

To transcend this mental prison, it is necessary to realize that all the extremes that we observe around us and that disturb us are connected to us by invisible threads. If we look at them with a desire to learn their mysteries, we will be surprised.

Think of the last situation that caused you irritation or hurt and try to peek beyond the veil. Stop blaming the situation or the person who created it and realize it is offering you valuable clues. It was your aura that attracted it (and gate 15 is precisely the aura gate).

The Summer Solstice is a great time to reconcile your extremes and get into the flow of life.

In the Goddess tradition, Water is celebrated (Litha). Water has the potential to purify and regenerate, balancing the extremes of the scorching Fire that is felt in summer.

Civilizing Sun

In the Northern Hemisphere, where about 90 percent of the Earth's human population is concentrated, the Sun reaches its peak at this point of the year. It's the longest day. Within us, it is the power of achievement and expression that is at its peak. After all, we are in the Quarter of Civilization, where purpose is fulfilled through the movement of spirit into form.

In this Quarter, which takes place approximately between the celebrations of Beltane (early May) and Lammas (early August), you will find all the gates of the Throat Center, the center of manifestation.

It is as if the force of the Light had matured throughout the year, to be able to bear fruit now, materializing itself in our earthly existence.

This festival is celebrated with large bonfires, which are the living expression of the power of Light.

The fact that it is the time of the year when the Sun reaches its peak, tells us that the days then start to get shorter. The night will start to grow over the day.

Celebrating the Light at the borderline moment of its beginning of decline helps us to appreciate all the good that life offers us and to prepare the spirit for the new extremes that will come. This makes the path safer and gives us hope for a better and more harmonious future.

The influence of the hermit who leads itself

This year, the Sun brings the ability of the True Self to accept its extreme nature as correct, thus generating influence through actions aligned with essence.

We are under the influence of the 2nd Line, with the possibility of receiving a call to become more authentic in our relationship with ourselves and with the cosmos.

Mercury ends its retrograde movement at the gate of Change, asking us to look at what still needs to be corrected in order for us to progress.

There is work that needs to be done in isolation, and we will have the discipline and intuition to hold ourselves righteously in this process of leading ourselves. With modesty and correct actions, we will be able to create lasting and safe standards.

The proposed path is Collective Logic: its focus is to improve what is broken to perfect the patterns that put us in the flow of life.

Logic judges with insatiability formulas that are not safe, tests and organizes them with determination, to guide humanity towards a safe and perfected future.

Thus, on the Summer Solstice, we can test the logical patterns of our collective existence. We can understand them as a symphony that was rehearsed throughout the year. The Solstice celebration is the presentation to the public. If it goes well, we know we are in the flow and we can influence everyone in our aura.

Gate 15 is the most magnetic of all gates. Activated on the 2nd line, it becomes extremely influential.

2nd line Keynotes: natural, projection, democrat, inner gifts, autonomy, natural talent, harmony, genius, solitude, being called.

Solstice ceremony

"Ritual is Poetry in the world of acts", Ross Nichols

Celebrating these cyclical moments helps us to be in tune with the flow of life. But it isn't necessary to go to a stone circle and celebrate as a group: we can create our own internal space of celebration, honoring the hermit energy of the 2nd line.

You can create your own ritual, at home or in a quiet place in Nature.

I leave you a proposal here, which you can adapt to your needs:

Visualize yourself entering a circle of megalithic stones.

Feel a deep peace and absolute security as you breathe in the fragrant air of the woods around the stones.

The sun bathes you in soft light, purifying your body, mind, and emotions.

Stay in that soft light and release yourself from any tension or worry. Relax.

Feel this light flowing through you, as if it were pure water. Listen to the sound of fountains and rivers flowing towards the ocean.

You are receiving Healing in all dimensions of your Being.

Take a deep breath, and visualize that in front of you is a stone altar with two objects: a chalice (on your left) and a sword (on your right).

Visualize yourself touching both, and know that you have the Moon and the Sun in your hands; Water and Fire; the Feminine and the Masculine; Matter and Spirit.

You, who hold the two extremes, are how Compassion radiates to the world.

From your heart comes a pink light, which expands in all directions, far beyond the circle.

With this luminous expansion, you embrace all the extremes and find your place in the great cosmic pattern.

Take a deep breath and stay in that energy. You can receive visions and divine guidance. Open yourself to the signs of the Universe.

When you feel that it is time to return, take a deep breath and return to your "here and now", feeling your vital energy completely regenerated and pacified.

The Aura

Gate 15 is the gate of the aura. But what is the aura? And why is it so important in Human Design?

I have gate 15 activated by Mercury (conscious) and I find myself thinking and sharing a lot about this gate.

In this article, I explore this concept and I play creatively with the 4 auric types in Human Design:

*the Rave Bodygraph is a registered trademark of Jovian Archive.


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