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Demystifying the Aura...


(latin aura, -ae)

female name

1. [Poetic language] Soft and pleasant wind. = BREATH, BREEZE

2. [Medicine] Sensation, physical or psychological, that precedes an attack or crisis of a generally neurological illness (eg, epileptic aura; migraine with aura).

3. Supposed fluidic emanation believed to emanate and to be an essential part of a living being.

4. [Figured] Good acceptance or popularity (eg the coliseum then enjoyed a great aura; the popular aura was fleeting). = APPLAUSE, PLEASE

5. [Figured] Psychological environment that seems to involve or influence something or someone (eg the place was shrouded in an aura of mystery; the sound effects contribute to heighten the aura of terror). = ATMOSPHERE, CLIMATE

vital aura

• Exhaled air. = BREATH

"aura", in Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language [online], 2008-2020 (translated to English)

Of the meanings above, the 3rd is the closest to the definition of aura I will refer to in this article. However, "supposed fluidic emanation believed to emanate..." is not an expression that honors the importance of the aura.

Being impossible to see with the naked eye, the aura has remained in the limbo of mystical concepts that require validation. But the aura is at the base of the entire Human Design System, and the experience of every single person who goes through the system validates its importance.

According to Human Design, the aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds everything that lives. In humans, this field is determined by the genetic activations of our body and goes beyond it, interacting with everything it touches.

We deal with each other through the aura and we receive the world into us in the same way.

There are four Aura Types: the open and enveloping aura of the Generator, the focused absorbing aura of the Projector, the closed and repellent aura of the Manifestor, and the resistant and sampling aura of the Reflector.

Type is at the base of the Human Design system and expresses itself through the aura. Depending on the aura, the way we interact with Life, with ourselves and with others, will be different. Therefore, for each Type there is a specific strategy for honoring its uniqueness.

"Auras are a full expression of the being, and a controlling agent of the way the form is going to work. Auras are the way we connect to and are experienced by the other." Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design System

Types result from the activations present in each being. These activations create a Definition by linking the Energy Centers together. There are nine Energy Centers and the possibilities of being activated vary. The only Type that does not have any activated Centers is the Reflector, but this Type also has activations that give it uniqueness.

For the four Types, there are some challenges as to the way they live according to their aura. The way we are brought up makes us create resistance to our natural functioning. Everything would be so much simpler if we surrendered to the aura. But who will surrender to a "supposed fluid emanation" that is never talked about?

If there were no aura, we would not have the energy perception of the other at a distance. I discovered this when I started making intuitive stories and realized that we don't need to be in the physical presence of the other to interpret their genetic and energetic information.

The mere fact that you are reading this text puts you in my aura. Can you capture something more than just words?

Let's then identify the four auric Types systematized in Human Design and explore the secrets of human functioning.

A small note: the Energy Centers can be activated or not. Activated centers function in a fixed way, while non-activated centers function as receivers. In neither case are there more benefits: each person has the activations they need to live up to their Purpose. These particular dynamics are explored in Human Design analyses.

The Generator

For the aura of the Generator, I was inspired by the flowers. I confess that it wasn't me who created this analogy, but several Projectors for whom I made intuitive stories and whom in their stories took care of flowers - these flowers could only be the Generators!

It makes sense, because just as flowers attract bees and other pollinators to them, Generators are also constantly engaged in a work of attraction: they attract people and situations to themselves.

The Generator's aura is a magnet. It is engaging and open, as the Sacral Generator Center is eager to involve its life force in creating something. Just as flowers want to be fertilized, so the Generators want to be asked through the right question or stimulus, in order to get involved in their own life.

When they commit their life energy to some process that is right for them, Generators are satisfied producing what they love.

In order for the aura to do this work of attraction, Generators must not spend their life force taking initiatives. They must learn to accept that their aura is open, like the corolla of a flower. Every dewdrop and every sunbeam is a blessing, to which the flower responds. By touching these parts of Nature, the flower engages with totality. It offers its perfume and receives heat, humidity, pollen from other flowers...

In this exchange, the flower has the opportunity to discover who it is. She learns about herself by observing how she responds to Mother Nature's stimuli.

Like flowers, Generators are interested in knowing who they are.

If you are a Generator, the journey of self-knowledge proposed by Human Design is tailored to your needs. It is an adventure that allows you to learn to deal with your wonderful and attractive aura, so that you feel the satisfaction of discovering who you truly are.

The Projector

I chose for the Projector images that evoke knowledge, information, energy and wisdom. This is the newest Type and the one best prepared to be a leader in the future.

Projectors have a focused and absorbing aura. Their focus is never on themselves, but on others. They have the gift of reading the energy of other Types and are particularly designed to work with Generators.

Their focus is so intense that when they "invade" the other's space uninvited they feel a bitter rejection. For them, the key is in recognizing the other, and ideally, this recognition should be formal.

When invited to step into the other person's energy in the right way, they become true leaders and get a taste of success.

However, the dominant energy in the world is Generator energy, and a Projector that doesn't know how it's supposed to work can easily become a slave, as its tendency will be to live like a Generator.

If you are a Projector, the Human Design System is certainly exciting for you, as it gives you tools to get to know others better. You have certainly felt uncomfortable focusing your energy on the wrong people. Only when you tune into how your powerful aura works can you eliminate bitterness and achieve success.

The Manifestor

The Manifestor's aura is perhaps the most misunderstood. Closed and repellent are two features that seem strange at first, but you'll soon realize that there's a very special reason for that.

I chose seashells to represent the Energy Centers and the aura of the Manifestor. I was inspired by my niece, who is a Manifestor and loves Nature. Even in winter, it always enters the Sea when we go for a walk at the beach. She is part of Nature in a very organic and very free way.

Like Projectors, Manifestors do not have the Sacral Center activated, so they are susceptible to the working energy of the Generators, running the risk of doing more than what would be healthy for them.

Manifestors are energetic beings, like the ocean, but like this force of Nature they must learn that there are moments of ripple and moments of calm. Energy will not always be available for their processes.

Also similar to what happens in the ocean, where the breaking of the wave has a powerful impact, whenever a Manifestor takes action there is a movement that cannot be ignored. There is nothing more powerful than a Manifestor initiating something that is right: it is like the wave that drives a fleet of ships to a safe haven. But the reverse is also true.

The Manifestor's aura needs to be closed so that they can do what they are supposed to do: push their energy outward so that they can take initiatives independently. Herein lies the particularity of this Type: the Manifestor is the only Type that is designed to initiate. All other Types envy this ability of the Manifestor. After all, we live in a world that drives us to be proactive.

However, Manifestors are so repressed throughout their lives that by the time they reach adulthood they often fail to initiate. They need to relearn how to respect their impactful aura and allow themselves to deal with others diplomatically and truthfully, to remove fury and anger from their relationships.

If you are a Manifestor, the Human Design System will show you how you are a special and unique being. There is a formula for you to find the peace and freedom you are looking for, opening the way for you to live a life without resistance.

The Reflector

For the Reflector I chose transparent crystals, like mirrors that reflect the surrounding energies but then release them, taking samples. Crystals are tough, just like the aura of the Reflector, which assesses other auras without getting involved in their frequency.

The Reflector is the rarest Type. It does not have any Defined Energy Center. This means that all its Centers are spaces of receptivity. They capture the energy that comes from the outside, allowing the Reflector to analyze and judge the environments where it is located and the people around it.

This openness makes the Reflector constantly being surprised or disillusioned by life.

Reflectors are beings that have a deep connection with the Moon, which gives them a very special mysticism. No other Type is more equipped to become one with Wholeness.

However, the vast majority of Reflectors live in a homogenized way. Not knowing its aura and its unique functioning, leads them to live immersed in the illusion that they capture through its open centers. Unable to distinguish what belongs to them and what belongs to others, they get lost in the collective chaos, like a set of crystals that, reflecting the surrounding lights, remain attached to them, believing that "this is me".

If you are a Reflector, Human Design has an exciting proposal for you: to know in depth the map that allows you to explore the various potentials of the flow of life, so that you can learn to impartially assess the unique expression of those around you.

"In a perfect world, Manifestors get things started; Projectors guide the process; Generators provide the energy to realize or complete it; and Reflectors tell them how well it is going." Lynda Bunnell, Director of International Human Design School

Your aura is really unique

We are all different - this is the foundation of Human Design. Your aura is different from all other auras and has an unique potential.

By starting the journey with Human Design, you begin to awaken to your true nature and become the Being you truly are. This is the magic of Life: meeting you, returning to your essence. To be able to do this, you just have to understand how your unique and differentiated aura works.

Click on the link and find out more:

* "The Definitive Book of Human Design" Lynda Bunnell e Ra Uru Hu

**the Rave Bodygraph is a registered trademark of Jovian Archive and it was in it that I got inspired to create the imagens for this article.


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