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The song of the Soul

The hero faced a magnificent monster: its claws were the size of a tree, its mouth was an abyss; its body was covered with scales. The hero saw his shield easily knocked down. The sword was swallowed. The arrows slid down the monster's body and fell to the ground, useless and disillusioned. That monster was here to stay.

You never ask yourself, "Why is my life not flowing? Does it have to be so hard and frustrating?"

For years I asked this question. I was stuck in a job that no longer satisfied me, I wanted to change, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing worked.

This was because I was being guided by external factors. I should have been able to hear my inner voice and follow what was right for me. I wasn't supposed to fight like everybody else, with shield, sword and arrow.

I just needed to sing.

Then the hero began to sing. His song brought the harmony of forgotten worlds. Birds and butterflies filled the sky with new colors; flowers and bushes emanated an alluring fragrance; the tops of the trees were covered in pure gold. And the monster, lost in the mysterious strains of that song, let himself be enthralled into an eternal sweetness.

Not knowing how my truth expressed itself, not acknowledging the true voice inside of me, what else could I do but fight with shield and sword, and waste my energy shooting arrows into the air?

If I hadn't come across Human Design, I would still be working behind the scenes of TV shows, dreaming of producing my own stories.

Feeling that my life was a waste and feeling sorry for myself.

Fortunately, Human Design came to show me how to make changes. Being a Generator with Sacral authority, highly individual but shaped by cycles, I had to carry the cycle of work to the end and hope that life would bring me the stimulus for change.

This stimulus came through a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. A trip that I would never have taken before Human Design, used to making cautious rational decisions.

Once in front of the magnificent golden buddhas, and after being excused from my last television project, I knew that I had reached the end of the cycle of a career in the media.

My life changed with a single sacral decision and it continued to change from that day forward.

I started to access new levels of inspiration as my mind became lighter. It was no longer in charge of my life. This brought me a state of peace and contentment as I had never felt before (and I had years of meditation practice!).

As I have a 6/2 profile, it's paramount for me to trust. And if I didn't trust Life before, now I do, because I immersed myself in the process that Human Design proposed and I was able to watch the results.

I was able to embrace my unique creativity and let a new energy bloom in me, which for years had been blocked.

YourSELFStory was born after my encounter with Human Design and therefore reflects my experience with the deconditioning process. It is living proof of what can happen when we embark body and soul on this adventure of inner discovery.

Self-knowledge is the key so that great creations can emerge from within us.

That's why I know life can flow, yes. Life doesn't have to be hard, as with the right tools we will be able to handle any kind of situation.

This is not to say that obstacles and difficulties disappear. We will live them anyway, as they are the engine of our evolution.

The difference is the way we start to see life and deal with it. When we know who we are, we gain perspective, vision, wisdom, and acquire tools that enable us to face any monster.

And this is what Human Design Analyses have to offer: the tools that are uniquely yours and that can help you get into the flow of life!

The hero was delighted with his song. If he only knew he had such power inside, how many more monsters could he have defeated! And now, he saw how the monster was crying with joy and, in that being's deep gaze, he glimpsed his own amazed face.

Yeah... monsters are also part of us! And when we sing our song, the song of our soul, they fade away.

Find out who you are

Is it time for you to discover your own song too? And learn to win your own battles fluidly and effortlessly?

Find out how here:

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