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Strategy and Authority in Human Design

“Follow your Strategy and Authority” - this is the expression we hear most in a Human Design Analysis. It's the key. It's the way. It's the magic formula.

However, when we enter the journey, what we feel most like is exploring the knowledge. What does that symbol stand for? What is the meaning of that channel? What happens when I receive influences from new transits?

It's easy to get lost in the Human Design System. Its depth is too seductive. We are talking about a system that is composed of a synthesis of 4 major esoteric systems (I-Ching, Astrology, Hindu Chakra system, and Jewish Kabbalah), supported by modern sciences such as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry.

Imagine finding the ruins of a lost civilization at the bottom of the ocean. You get to explore each building and the treasures never end. Each statue, each bass relief, each object, takes you back to the imaginary life of a people that once existed. If you head towards one more gate, you can find so much knowledge about that civilization that when you return to the surface you will be a true master. You will know all about those who inhabited the submerged place.

And so, in those moments when you need to come to the surface to breathe, you resist, as you prefer to continue your exploration.

Time down there passes differently, just as it did in the fairyland of the Celtic tales. If you don't come quickly, when you return to the surface you will no longer find anything that gave you identity and direction.

For me, Human Design is about bringing this hidden knowledge to the surface, but without losing what truly matters: our individual truth.

And that's where "Strategy and Authority" comes in: the formula that allows each one of us to live our lives without meeting resistance. The formula that helps us develop our full potential.

As interesting as the sunken treasure may be, none of that matters if we lose ourselves. The formula keeps us on track!

From the complexities of Being

For each person, this formula is individual and unique. Although there are only 4 kinds of Strategy (one for each Type) and 8 kinds of Authority, the formula only works fully when doing a holistic analysis. It is necessary to take into account other aspects of the individual, such as Profile and Definition.

"The session resonated so deeply... as if all my cells were clapping! After all, they were identifying valuable information about my personality, my ways of acting and feeling, of interacting with others and with the world, my authority, my cycles... so much!

A very broad approach. I was able to validate aspects of myself, know others, and, above all, discover how to live more in alignment. And always with Susana's empathy, sympathy, and melody!" Rute Cabrita

An Human Design Analysis touches far beyond the skin. The words used by an analyst are like magic keys, which resonate at the cellular level, bringing the person to the correct frequency.

Therefore, more than the appealing information about who you are (the treasures that you collect at the bottom of the ocean), what matters it that you grab the rope that connects you to the surface, so you can come to breathe and feel the sunlight on your skin.

The Human Design Analyst helps you hold the rope and shows you what treasures are worth bringing.

"I got to know myself better, bringing some peace and tranquility (it's always good to know what to do!). I hope to continue using the tools of this learning because it brings me a lot of satisfaction." Celeste Gomes

Knowing how to dance with Life

We come to the world without knowing how to walk, but the truth is that we already know how to dance with Life!

A Projector-Type child with Splenic Authority knows he has to be invited to play and move forward only when it's healthy for him, but when he gets home and their parents ask why he didn't interact with the other boys, the little Projector quits its natural mode of action. When he becomes an adult, he is the one who moves the most to take initiative and show results. He ignores intuition and, of course, gets sick.

The Type is determined by the quality of the Aura (I speak about the 4 types of auras in this article). The 4 types are Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector. For each one, there is a specific Strategy.


What kind of dance pulls me towards Life? A dance that allows me to be aware of every stimulus and put my energy on the dance floor when my life force radiates, allowing me to feel deep satisfaction.

I produce Life with every movement and open myself to the plenitude of sensory, acoustic, olfactory, and visual stimuli that I find on the dance floor. I have the energy to dance from morning to night, but only when I dance in the right choreography for me. I know that the Dance I build with Life is a pulsating, alive, creative work.


What kind of dance am I invited to dance with Life? A dance that allows me to guide others with wisdom whenever I feel there is recognition.

Ideally a dance for two, where I can focus on the other and absorb their beauty. I know that I can only enter certain dances through an invitation and that I have to be selective. I don't have the energy for many dances, but the ones that call me are a success.


What kind of dance do I want Life to dance with me? A dance that allows me to be free to move in my way and to initiate others, impacting them with the power of my movements.

And to have the path clear, I just need to inform the other dancers about my movements. Not an easy task, but very rewarding. Ideally, I create the choreography and leave them to dance, being at peace with the expressiveness of the dances I initiate.


What kind of dances do I observe in Life? Dances that allow me to assess the correctness of the choreographies and be surprised by their beauty.

I become one with all the dancers and someday I know that I will also be one with Dance itself. My movement is not determined by me, but by the magic of the Moon's cycles. In these multiple and surprising dances, I discover who the real dancers are.

"Susana is a symbolic treasure, a magician that facilitates reaching the inner realms. I had the opportunity to have a Solar Return reading with her and it was a great pleasure to be able to listen to her through her simple, clear and not imposing look on my path.

I fully appreciate and recommend your work. Thank you, dear Susana. May the symbolic language continue to find us towards this new World that you share with us with such beauty and depth." Susana Cristina, Bless

The Profile

All of these Types have their specific challenges, and what will determine their movement on the dance floor is their decision-making process. A Generator with Sacral authority may decide to enter the dance at the moment, but a Generator with emotional authority will have to wait to feel whether to enter or not.

The way they present themselves in the dance will depend on their Profile. As the Profile is a duality, that is, each one of us has 2 lines with different themes (one conscious and one unconscious), there is a very interesting dynamic that results in 12 Profiles.

There are 6 themes of the lines of the Profiles, and following the Dance of Life analogy, I leave here a brief description:

Line 1 (Investigator)

With modesty, I try to dance alone and investigate each movement in depth until I find a foundation that allows me to feel secure. They say I'm introspective.

Line 2 (Hermit)

With my talent (which I don't see), I dance hidden until someone calls me to shine in the dance. They say I'm a natural genius.

Line 3 (Martyr)

Adaptable and resilient, I'm always bumping into other dancers and finding out what doesn't work in dance. They say I'm a discoverer.

Line 4 (Opportunist)

I just enjoy dancing with friends and I take the opportunity to convey some important messages to them. They say I'm influential.

Line 5 (Heretic)

I always end up dancing with strangers who let themselves be seduced by me and I enjoy giving them some very practical tips. They say I'm a savior.

Line 6 (Role Model)

I watch the dance and what lies beyond it, seeing what others don't see. They say I'm an example.

Did you know that Albert Einstein was an Investigator/Opportunist? He investigated in-depth and externalized his theories with influence.

Ra Uru Hu, the creator of the Human Design System, was a Heretic/Investigator. He brought a very practical and seductive knowledge into the world, which could be a salvation for many, and he delved deeply into this system until he felt he had a secure base.

Mahatma Gandhi was a Role Model/Hermit. He still is an example for many.

"I love to hear your recording of my solar return. And then your voice, I can't get enough of saying, it's de-li-cious !!!

And you have no idea, (you really don't 😉) how certain your words are. If one had any doubts about this tool - Human Design - with your reading one would be surrendered. The analogies with astrology, with the Planets, they all made perfect sense to me. Seeing the materialization of the possibilities you speak of, in my daily life, has been magical, to say the least." Fátima Damas

Find out who you are

Is it time for you to also discover your way of Dancing with Life? I discovered that I must respond to Life and confirm with my Sacral whether it is correct to enter in a dance cycle. Will it have a purpose? Will it align me with the rhythm of Life? Will I be able to dance alone when I feel like it and watch others in their dances? Will I ever be an example to anyone?

My formula is different from yours, so I can only offer my story as an example: the song of the soul.

"The answers are not out there, but within us. I truly recommend this tool of deep and meaningful self-knowledge." Ana Paula Barreto

If you still don't know your magic formula, find out how to get it here:

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