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They are special beings, the Dolphins. Its energy is so high that it naturally purifies our planet.


For me, they are true healing angels.


From them I learned that to raise my vibration I need to be purified. I don't just mean physical purification, but also energetic, emotional and mental purification.


The body must be healthy, of course, but that is not enough. It is useless to exercise and have a vegetarian diet if we treat others badly or if we complain about life.


We are multidimensional beings. The body is just that most visible part. Everything else requires the same level of purification.

That's why the Dolphins came to help prepare a total detox plan, for body, mind and spirit.


With the inspiration and energy of these beautiful beings, I created a detox pack for a light, harmonious and healthy life.


The pack consists of 3 mp3 recordings, in which I accompany you on a magical experience with the Dolphins.

My recommendations:


I recommend doing this detox for at least 21 days, so that the results are incorporated into your DNA.


Your daily routines will benefit from the energy of the Dolphins, not only in physical matters (food, body care, etc) but also in your relationships, in the type of thoughts you will have and in your emotional system.


You will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and attract more favorable people and situations to your Being. Some people and situations may naturally move away from your life.

As such, you should only enter this Detox if you are committed to your evolution as a Human Being.

How you can purchase the recordings:

You can purchase the program for €27 or for free at Mentorship O Poder da Maçã .



In the pure waters where the Dolphins swim, the Nymphs help with a health and beauty treatment. The body is revitalized and the skin is rejuvenated.


This experience will be deepened on an island, where a wise woman will welcome you to help you receive the gifts of the forest.


Your inner power will awaken and you will gain strength to achieve your goals and walk your unique and singular path.


Here, the reconnection with your essence and your life purpose will be made.


Power up

When you wake up, you can start your day with the energy of the Dolphins. You will receive a real physical, energetic, emotional, mental and intuitional detox. Dolphins will help you to energize you with sunlight so that you shine radiantly throughout your day.


Whenever a challenge arises, just evoke the images that are activated in this ritual to notice the transforming power of the Dolphins in your daily life.



The last moments before bed are essential for a restful and peaceful sleep. The impressions of what we see, hear and feel are registered in our brain and create images and situations during sleep that can be comforting or disturbing.


When you fall asleep with the Dolphins, you will experience a deep and harmonious sleep, essential for a detox of body and soul.

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