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Floux is a meditative experience, a journey, a connection process.

With the new frequencies of this energy flow, we recalibrate our DNA to peacefully enter the new world that is being born.  

An invitation to enter the flow of NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and vibrate in Love, Peace and Harmony.

Floux 2.jpg


Upon entering Floux, you will come into contact with an energy of connection.

Your body will be regenerated, your emotions will be lighter and your mind will enter states of deep serenity.

The journey to the 1st station takes you through forests, oceans, deserts, glaciers, fields, cities and, finally, the Cosmos.

In the pure and silent space of the 1st station, you will receive new frequencies and you will be able to feel the deep Peace that emerges when the Being meets with itself.

Floux 1.jpg


In the golden space of the 2nd station you will awaken the power that has been hidden in your DNA.

Energy, vitality, regeneration and healing, in a spiral of powerful energy, take you to unexplored areas of your Being.

The Sun that dwells in you lights up and illuminates you, delivering you new frequencies that will help you vibrate at your highest potential.

Floux 3.jpg


In the 3rd station you will have an experience of stillness, elevation and beauty.

You will visit a very special palace, where the Violet light will connect you to intuitive wisdom and transmute your energy.

You will feel a deep connection with the Universe.

You will tune in to the dance of the stars and planets.

You will have the opportunity to offer a gift to the Earth and receive all the abundance the planet has to give you.

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