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online programs

Our planet is making a demanding movement that asks us to learn to live in a whole new way. We can no longer remain stuck in the same patterns of thinking and behavior. The way out of the old ways is being shown by higher dimensions that awaken within each individual. In a simple way:  our Consciousness, when rising above the mundane, rescues a knowledge that is yours but that is dormant.


Our Higher Consciousness asks us to become receptive to its highly creative and transmuting energy. By doing this, we are able to dance with the planet in the transition process that is taking place.

What are these programs?

These programs are made up of "intuitive connections" (or channellings) with high frequency energies: crystals, plants, gods or crystalline frequencies.

Each of these connections is made through me and the energy is present in an mp3 recording. Through visualizations, sound, emotion, the experience I am living is conveyed to you.

The aim is to prepare you for the Future.

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