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“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful world. That world was inhabited by beings that were unable to see the beauty around them; that were unable to see their own beauty; e and that were in pain.

One day, in that world, a silver mirror suddenly appeared.


It was a magic mirror, from ancient times and far away worlds.


Every time someone looked inside the mirror, they were taken to a world full of light. Some beings were afraid to see the light. They didn’t think they were ready for it. But others would launch themselves boldly into the mirror.


Whenever one of those beings had the courage to look into the mirror, he would awaken to his own beauty and to the beauty of the world.


The mirror showed them how beautiful and radiant they were. 


The mirror reflected and brought light.”

Susana de Sousa

Who am I?

I'm Susana and I grew up surrounded by stories and ocean.


The world beyond my window was inhabited by mysterious and powerful characters, much more interesting then the mundane reality around me.


Latter in life, I devoted my attention to Art: literature, cinema, theatre, music, painting…

I was attracted by Beauty, Creativity, Harmony, Depth, Emotion, Talent and other amazing values that human beings are able to share.


My mundane life was interesting and diversified, full of questions, frustrations and discoveries.


I worked in portuguese TV, movies and theatre, always in the production field. I made movies that I shared with my friends and I wrote books that were never published.


I did several trainings in the area of self-knowledge (Mental Imagery, EFT, DeRose Method, Human Design). I dived deep in myself, because I felt that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose, and I couldn’t fulfill it if I didn’t knew myself deeply.


And I never left the enchanted universe of stories, in all its shapes and themes.


I started to pay attention to people. I discovered that the wonderful world that I saw in my childhood also lived inside each person, but sometimes so in disguise that people didn’t seem to realise the amazing dimension lying in their core. I felt that I could help them see who they are, because I bring that experience that I’ve developed with myself.


My sensibility allows me to see and feel what lies beyond the façade, what lies in the deepest levels of the Being.


I gave birth to the project YourSELFStory, where I create intuitive personalised stories and provide Human Design readings  for growing your awareness.

I use these tools as a means to access the depth of each Being, with the intention of expanding consciousness, heal, elevate the vibration and reveal the beauty of being who we truly are.

I’m entirely at the Service of the wonderful human species, because I believe in it’s potential of Light.


Curiosities about me:

  • I’m passionate about Mother Nature (you can see me hugging a tree or speaking to the ocean)​

  • I’m crazy about crystals, plants, animals and books (not necessarily in that order)​

  • I love children (and I believe they see me as equal)


  • travelling is one of my biggest passions​

  • I have a cat named Estrela, which means Star (actually, I think it’s a dragon in disguise)​​

  • when I was two years old, I felt into a cauldron full of chicken broth while chasing a cat, and since that day I believe I was given super-powers (I just didn’t discover which)

Do you want to know more?

Travel with me in the stories, through the articles I publish in the blog. And if you didn't subscribe my newsletter yet, I invite you to do it here. You'll receive meditations, stories and exercises of self-knowledge: 

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